Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Good Shepherd
I was initially opposed to going to see this movie on the basis that I am overly sensitive to criticisms of our government from the loony left out in Hollywood, but now I am opposed to you seeing it for different reasons: it is long and boring. We all know the CIA has been involved in more than a few shady deals since its creation and I suppose that should be fair game for a movie. However, the movie is 3 hours long and never really seems to have a very sure direction. Matt Damon plays a CIA agent who barely knows his wife and son. He manages to speak every line of dialogue with a straight face, with no hint of emotion - FOR THE WHOLE MOVIE! The main gist is that the CIA is secretive and powerful (wow) and Matt Damon and his wife (Angelina Jolie) cheat on each other. The political message is that the CIA created the Cold War to maintain their power. The Soviet Union was never a real threat (just like the war on terrorism, hint, hint), we just need a fake enemy to give certain people more power. I guess the butchering and enslaving millions as well as positioning nuclear weapons pointed at us from Cuba (USSR) and killing thousands on 9/11 (you know who) aren't enough to become a threat. Anyway, I give it one star. Sorry Robert DeNiro.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Jon. I'll save my $8 and go see something else this weekend.