Monday, March 12, 2007

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

I bought the new album from these Montreal rockers last week, hoping that it would be at least in the same league as their masterpiece, Funeral. It is a great album that you will like if you were into Funeral. However, it does pale in comparison to their debut. The songs don't build up to the same intensity as on Funeral and in general, just aren't as good. Win Butler's voice fails to rise above the orchestra, strings, and rumbles on much of the album, in contrast to Funeral. Neon Bible definitely has a more muddled sound to it than their debut. The album grew on me over the weekend, but I didn't have the same emotional reaction to it as Funeral. However, comparisons to Funeral aside (which is one of my favorite albums in the last ten years), this is indie-rock at its finest. The wall of sound created by the 7-8 piece band and Win Butler's lyrics create an album that is interesting, dark, and beautiful. Just don't go into it expecting anthems and you'll enjoy it more.

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