Monday, April 30, 2007

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

Former CIA director George Tenet is making the rounds promoting his new Bush bashing book. An intelligent man, he realizes that criticizing Bush is the best way to get a free pass from the media for his failings in providing intelligence to the administration. Tenet told Bush that the case for WMD in Iraq was a "slam dunk." Bush presented this information to the public. The media now says Bush lied by using the evidence provided by the CIA and intelligence agencies around the world, while forgetting that his comments on the issue were no different from the claims of both Clintons and John Kerry. I am still skeptical that Saddam got rid of all his WMD's without bothering to prove it to the U.N. I guess he really liked the crippling sanctions that would have been lifted had he done so. Isn't it more likely that he sent them to Syria or Iran on the eve of the war or hid them very well? Back to Tenet, it is interesting to see this Clinton holdover welcomed back into the fold by the press. However, some of the information in the book (I haven't read it, just news reports) about Al-Qaeda's plans are truly frightening. Al-Qaeda has apparently gotten very close to getting nuclear weapons from Pakistan and Tenet believes they will stop at nothing to detonate a nuclear device in a major American city.

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