Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mike Huckabee: Chuck Norris Approved

Mike Huckabee has come on strong in the Republican primary. Only a few months ago he was a second tier candidate, now he is challenging Romney in Iowa. I can see why people like him – his social conservative credentials are unmatched by any of the other Republicans candidates and this may be the best campaign ad ever. However, he is far from a conservative, as Robert Novak notes in the Washington Post. Huckabee is preaching a populist message - half James Dobson, half John Edwards. As governor of Arkansas he increased the overall tax burden by 47% (the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, gave him a “D” in fiscal policy). He criticized President Bush for vetoing the SCHIP healthcare expansion that would have covered “children” up to the age of 25 and families making up to $83,000. He may have Chuck Norris protecting the borders, but he fought for in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants. He says nonsensical, anti free-market things like “I don’t want to see our food come from China, our oil come from Saudi Arabia and our manufacturing come from Europe and Asia” and claims that he can get us energy independent in 10 years. We don’t import much food from China, cheap imports are a huge benefit to the “Mainstreet” people he’s always talking about, and being energy independent in 10 years is impossible. The Club for Growth says that nominating Huckabee would be “an abject rejection” of the free-market, limited-government principles the Republican Party stands for. Huckabee responded by calling them the “Club for Greed.” If you’re a “values voter” and you don’t care about the free market or taxes, Huckabee might be for you. If you want a conservative, pick Thompson or Romney (preferably Romney).


Jon Vander Plas said...

I couldn't figure out how to imbed the links when I'm also imbedding the youtube video. Here's the Novak column:


and from economist.com

Tom said...

also, bad news all over the place for Romney, including from conservative sources such as the American Thinker and Christian Science Monitor:



Tom said...

shoot I copied the wrong link-I meant to include this one:


Jon Vander Plas said...

I agree, not the best news for Romney in that poll. However, I still think a lot of voters (outside of Iowa and New Hampshire) know Romney. They all know Hillary.