Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Death Cab Rocks Millenium Park

Sarah and I saw Death Cab For Cutie play Pritzker Pavilion in Millenium Park last night. Severe thunderstorms were predicted, but that didn't keep a sea of people from showing up. Lucky for us, we didn't get a drop of rain. I joined the Death Cab fan club to get access to good seats, so we were in the 13th row (and for once, I took this picture insteading of stealing one off Google images).

Rogue Wave opened and they sounded really good, kind of like a more rock and roll Death Cab/Shins sound. Death Cab played for about an hour and 45, getting to almost all my favorites from all their albums. Ben Gibbard sounded great, his choir boy voice sounded exactly the same as on the albums. They played 4 or 5 songs from Narrow Stairs, the new album. In my opinion, Narrow Stairs is good, but not great. But then again, I'm usually overly critical of new albums by my favorite bands and then they grow on me.

Anyway, it was a great show. If you don't already own them, I highly recommend Death Cab's previous two albums, Plans and Transatlanticism, as well as Give Up by the Postal Service (Ben Gibbard side project).

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