Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Celebrities Gone Green

In his book Makers and Takers, Peter Schweizer describes many liberals as "friends of goodness," meaning that supporting goodness is not the same thing as actually being good. A good example are those who advocate higher taxes on the wealthy to help the poor while giving almost nothing personally (Obama, cough! Kerry, cough! Gore, cough!). When they do give, it's usually to "the arts," the ACLU, groups that promote increased government spending, or to churches run by crackpot hate-mongers.

But what's even cooler than pretending to care about the poor? Why, the environment, of course! Here are the "7 Most Retarded Ways Celebrities Have Tried to Go Green."

On a tip from Alex.


Gramma 2 Many said...

Found you by random blog surfing. Couldn't agree with you more. It is like you are reading my brain, what I want to say, but am not able to articulate as clearly as you do. I did manage to convert my niece who was going to vote for Obama because she thought it would be nice to have a minority pres. What a reason!! She sees the light now though.
I looked back on some of your older posts but did not see anything about Barak visiting all 57 states. Did I miss it?

Jon Vander Plas said...

Thanks! Sure it would be nice to have a minority president, but I'd prefer one who isn't a border line Marxist. In all my bashing of Obama I may have forgotten that he has visited "57 states, and 1 left to go."


There's just so much to critique about this candidate, it's hard to fit it all into this little blog.