Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Media Bias

This video is incredible. Obama voters could tell you about Palin's daughter and her clothes but have no idea who Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or Bill Ayers is. They attribute Tina Fey's lines on SNL to Sarah Palin yet are unaware of any Obama/Biden gaffes. They're sure they want change, yet they think the Republicans control Congress.

The point is not that Obama voters are less intelligent, it is that the media abandoned any pretense of objectivity during this campaign.

See more at Howobamagotelected.com


Rudi said...

While I appreciate the point made, I'm not really sure if this video is a fair representation.

I'm sure that you could find plenty of republicans that don't really know their party's policies, etc.

The media is definitely biased and ignored Obama and Biden gaffes (while playing up Palin gaffes) but I'm much more convinced by the numbers on their website than the video of 5-7 idiots.

Jon Vander Plas said...

You're right, it's pretty easy to find a bunch of idiots to interview on either side. However, Zogby's poll, which other readers can find here, was scientific and it showed that Obama voters did not know which party controlled Congress and did not know about Obama or Biden's key screw ups, but were very familiar with the media's criticism of Palin (and Tina Fey's impressions).

Rudi said...

Agreed. The full-blown stats speak much bigger than this video, though it was definitely entertaining to watch.

On a related note... did you see the Howard Stern clip where they asked Obama supporters questions about liking McCain's policies, but asking them under Obama's name? Questions like, "Obama supports the pro-life movement. Do you support that?" and "Obama has said that we need to keep the troops in Iraq. What is your take on that?" Again, it was just a small sample size, but all people just flowed with these imaginary issues when they were mentioned adjacent to Obama's name. Pretty interesting.

Jon Vander Plas said...

Someone sent me that clip, yes.

There are just countless examples of how the media was just completely uninterested in doing their jobs. They did more investigation of Joe the Plumber than they did Obama.

Obama's comments about wanting to bankrupt the coal industry might have been of interest to some people in Pennsylvania.

Biden's claimed that Obama's tax increases were "patriotic" and that Jesus supported them as well. If Palin had said the same thing she would have been crucified (again).

The media didn't think the expiration of the Bush tax cuts were at all related to the tax cuts Obama promised and they felt no need to explain the major differences in their health care plans. McCain did a terrible job selling his plan, but that doesn't mean the media shouldn't expose blatant lies about it coming from the Obama camp.

I could go on, but I'll stop. It's over. We need to find candidates who can communicate conservatism directly to the voters and that definitely wasn't McCain.