Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Romney for President
Riding on in the Friscalating Dusklight officially endorses Mitt Romney for President in 2008. He believes in aggressively fighting the war on terrorism, securing our borders, smaller government, lower taxes, and has a constructionist view of the Constitution. No other candidate (with apologies to Newt) can say the same. Romney is pro-family (as opposed to pro-village) and pro-life (as opposed to Guiliani). He many be a Mormon, but I believe his policies would be better for our country than any of the other candidates, even if they do go to Christian churches once in a while. By becoming Governor in Massachusetts, Romney showed that he is the rare candidate who can appeal to moderates without sacrificing his conservative platform. Become a member of Team Mitt by clicking here. Please feel free to tell me how wrong I am. I'd like to hear your reasons for supporting a different candidate.

"And if you believe that as I do, that our source of strength is our people, then when America faces a new generation of challenges like we do today you don't look to government. You don't look to make government bigger. You don't look to make government stronger. You look to make the people stronger. Because that has always been and will always be the source of our destiny. And when we need to call on the strength of America we look to strengthen the American people." - Mitt Romney


PB said...

I'm glad that you've endorsed a candidate who supports universal health insurance and an increased minimum wage! Come on over and cross the Jordan:)

Jon Vander Plas said...

Nobody's perfect Peter :). Perhaps now that he's out of Massachusetts he'll forget about that foolishness.