Monday, December 31, 2007

NFL Playoff Picks Web Hosting

Here are my picks for the NFL Playoffs:

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh- the Jags are running all over people and the Steelers don't have Willie Parker. Barring a huge game from Big Ben, I like Jacksonville.
Tennessee @ San Diego - I can't believe the Titans even made the playoffs. San Diego by two touch downs.

San Diego @ Indianapolis - The Colts may not be as good as last year, but the Chargers have declined more. With or without Marvin Harrison, Peyton and Addai will have a big day.
Jacksonville @ New England - I like the Jaguars, but they are no match for the greatest team ever.

Indianapolis @ New England - The real Super Bowl? Greatest team ever wins by 10.

Washington @ Seattle - The Redskins have won four straight, beating the Bears, Giants, Vikings, and Cowboys.
N.Y. Giants @ Tampa Bay - The Giants played well against New England on Saturday. Eli is looking relaxed and Jacobs is a beast.

Washington @ Green Bay - Green Bay in a close one.
N.Y. Giants @ Dallas - Dallas has too many weapons on offense. Just don't let Romo hold for any kicks.

Dallas @ Green Bay - I like Favre over future-Favre (Romo).

Super Bowl: Green Bay vs. New England - Sorry Packers fans, but it's the year of the Patriots. After this game Tom Brady cements his status as the greatest QB of all time.


Rudi said...

I'll take the Packers in the superbowl anyday! What a great close this would be for Favre's career.

Sorry to Brady, but with 3 MVP's, 260+ consecutive starts, 2 superbowl apearances (with one win), and the all-time NFL lead in completions, yards, and touchdowns, Favre will (eventually) retire the NFL's all-time best QB.

Jon Vander Plas said...

Do you think Favre would hang em up if they win the SuperBowl (however unlikely)?
3 MVP's? Try 3 rings, soon to be 4. Who knows how many he'll have by the end of his career. I'm willing to listen to arguments for Montana as best ever, but I think Favre is in at a solid #3 (hmmm, but what about Marino?).

Rudi said...

All-time lead in completions, yards, touchdowns... this doesn't make you the best all-time QB? As for Marino, who do you think had all of the records that Favre is breaking?

I can appreciate the 3 (or 4) rings, but this is really more of a credit to the Patriots organization. Obviously, Brady deserves credit for these rings, but Favre's full body of work will, I believe prove to be better than Brady.

As for Favre retiring, I think that he'd retire if he won this year.

Jon Vander Plas said...

By your logic, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the greatest basketball player of all time and Emmitt Smith is the greatest running back. Favre is a great quarterback, but a lot of those records (as with Kareem
s and Emmitt's) are simply a function of playing many, many games, albeit at a high level.

Rudi said...

It's not as if Favre has been unspectacular while he assembled his accomplishments. The amazing thing to me is that he holds all of the records- despite his "gunslinging" (a term I hate... you hear this during every Packer game) ways.

He also holds the lead in Interceptions. He's not clinging to his career in the name of records- he's 100% committed to winning every game.

An announcer once said "Statistical records have never meant anything to Favre, and that's probably why he holds them all."

Brady or Manning might one day surpass these records, but if the world ended today, Favre is the best QB of all time.

Rudi said...

By the way, history is 42-0 against Tom-Brady like numbers. The historical odds are against the Patriots winning it all.

Jon Vander Plas said...

If the run game is so much more important in the playoffs, the Packers are in trouble. They are the only team in the playoffs with less than 100 yds/game rushing. The Patriots are ranked 13th in the NFL.

Oh, and Favre has a career passer rating of 85.7 and TD/INT ratio of 1.5. Perhaps the "gunslinger" tag is appropriate. Brady? Try 92.9 and 2.3. Add that to the super bowlsssss (plural) and just think what his numbers will be at the end of his career.

Rudi said...

we could go back and forth on this for years, but my basic point is two-fold:

1) Favre current has good career stats INSPITE of being on some really crappy teams. Brady has never known crap. He walked into the best possible scenario for a QB. The 2007 Pats have the best O-line, very good runners (if they're ever used) the best WR's, and solid TE's. Put Favre on this team, and he certainly would have done everything that Brady did this year. Put Brady on the 2005 Packers, and people would have been calling for his retirement like they did for Favre.

2) I'm willing to submit the "best" status to Brady at the end of his career, but let's wait to see if he EVER has to go through a sucky team, or if he even has a long career... he COULD get injured.

It certainly seems like he's (as is Peyton Manning) on pace to become the best ever, but if you ask an objective person to look at the careers as a whole, Favre is currently the best all time.