Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thoughts on Labor

Seeing how we just celebrated Labor Day, why don't we look at the candidate's views on the number one labor issue going into the election? "The Employee Free Choice Act" passed the House, but couldn't get past the Senate Republicans' filibuster. Obama has promised to sign it into law.

Democrats took a page from Orwell in naming the bill, this "free choice" legislation actually denies workers the right to a secret ballot when considering whether to unionize. Instead, union organizers would be allowed to threaten, bribe, stalk, and otherwise bully workers into supporting the union until they have a majority. Employers would also be required to be "neutral," meaning that they would be prevented from sharing information that might dissuade workers from unionizing and they would have to require workers to sit through pro-union speeches.

No doubt this legislation is bad for employers (and consumers). But isn't it better for workers to retain the right to a secret ballot? Then they can choose what they think is best, without a union thug looking over their shoulder. Unfortunately for Democrats, secret ballots make it harder to unionize. Labor unions have been declining in popularity among workers in the last 20 years. Workers have tired of idiotic work rules and union corruption, as well as the politics. This is troubling for Democrats, who get 96% of the billions that labor unions pour into political campaigns.

John McCain opposes this legislation and sponsored a bill to protect the right to a secret ballot. Just another example of Obama choosing party (and special interests) over country.

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