Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Stench of Pork and Pigs

AP Headline: "Iowans say pig-odor study passes the smell test"

A $1.7 million earmark in Obama's new budget for studying pig odor in Iowa has become the most lambasted of the 8,500 earmarks in the new bill. However, the AP insists that it is important research, just as they stood up for Harry Reid's $8.5 billion high speed rail from LA to Vegas included in the "stimulus" bill (construction will begin in 5 years, so much for stimulus). The pig odor research may be important. That is not the point. If it is so important, let the people of Iowa pay for it out of their state tax bill (or better yet, let the private sector pay for it) instead of passing on the bill to the millions of Americans who don't care why pigs smell.

It's a perfect illustration of the failure of big government. Local government is much more efficient because people will only pay more in taxes if they feel they get a good return on those tax dollars. Politicians love spending other people's money and the only way to stop them is through shame. AP - you are not helping.

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