Friday, May 11, 2007

The Biggest Loss of Their Life

I was at the United Center last night for the Pistons big comeback win to go up 3-0 on the Bulls. The fans were as loud as can be for, oh, about two and a half quarters. Down 55-38 half way through the third, Tayshaun Prince and Chauncey Billups lead them back to within 1 to end the quarter. In the end, Ben Gordon summed it up: "It's the biggest loss of everybody's life because it's the last game," Gordon said. "We had a 19-point lead and they chipped away at it. It's tough to lose like that." But it sure is fun to win like that!


Rudi said...

Like I said. Pistons in 4.

Rudi said...

Like I said. Pistons in 6