Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Global Warming Update

Every hurricane, ice berg or warm breeze nowadays is attributed to global warming. However, in April the average temperature was only 51.7 F, -.3 degrees cooler than average for the last century. We should all immediately buy Hummers, fly private planes and jack up the AC if we want to avoid an ice age that will surely wreck havoc across the globe. I'd say we only have about 5 years to act, or else the planet is doomed. Seriously, more and more prominent climate scientists (thanks, Drudge Report) are changing their tune and rejecting the doom and gloom prophesies, while the nut jobs at Greenpeace build an ark. As I've stated before, I strongly support conservation and investment in technologies that will lower our carbon dioxide emissions. However, global warming is not a crisis (see my previos posts) and the extreme solutions (Kyoto Protocol, insane taxation, limiting the number of children you can have) offered to solve this non-crisis would have horrible effects on our economy and the welfare of the developing world while doing next to nothing to cool the planet. Obama and Hillary have joined other Dems in the Senate to propose a new $366 billion a year global warming tax, which would average $4,500 for a family of four and would increase over time. Awesome.

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Rudi said...

I said Burr!
It's cold in here.
There must be Global Warming
In the atmosphere.