Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Primary Update

Last week we had five viable candidates for the Republican nomination. Romney's win in Nevada, McCain's win in South Carolina, and the current polling data in Florida seem to have narrowed the field down to two. Giuliani's "the first six primaries/caucuses don't matter" strategery has backfired. He needs a miracle to win Florida and resurrect his campaign. The latest poll has Romney at 25%, McCain 20%, and Giuliani 19%. This was before Thompson pulled out, and most of those votes will probably go to Romney. Whoever wins Florida will be the unquestioned front runner going into super Tuesday. 

A McCain/Romney match up (I would have preferred a Romney/Giuliani contest) will be about fundamental differences in opinion. Will the Republican party continue to stand for the free market, pro-growth policies and the rule of law? Or will we nominate a candidate that uses class warfare to oppose tax cuts, bashes big business, favors amnesty for illegal immigrants, and wants to destroy our economy with massive global warming taxes?

Note to Democrats: our race is actually about issues. Yours is about one thing: race. 

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