Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Romney Wins On Economic Message

Romney trounced McCain in Michigan tonight for his second primary win. Romney has 42 delegates, double anyone else. He's the only candidate that's been competitive in each state. Exit polls showed that Romney cleaned up with voters who listed the economy as their biggest concern. With the war in Iraq improving so much it's off the front page, the shaky economy is likely to be the biggest issue in the general election. Romney's economic message resonated with Michigan voters. The economy may be his big advantage over McCain and Huckabee.

Romney has great business experience - he founded Bain Capital, a hugely successful venture capital firm that made Staples, Brookstone, the Sports Authority, and many other great companies household names, producing thousands of jobs and boosting the economy. He was tapped to take over the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics after it racked up a $379 million operating deficit and was mired in scandal and controversy. Despite these problems and the security challenges (only a few months after 9/11), the Olympics ended up a huge success. Washington overspends - mortaging our future with budget deficits to buy votes today and over taxes - slowing our economy and punishing achievement. Romney inherited a huge deficit as governor of Massachusetts, yet he balanced the budget each year without raising taxes. Romney and his free market ideas are the change this country needs - not more entitlements, taxes, and regulation.

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