Thursday, March 27, 2008

CBS Exposes Hillary's Lie

Ah Hillary. You're just not as good at lying as your husband. Why must she constantly make up things to hype her foreign policy experience? Why not focus on Obama's terrible ideas for our foreign policy (like meeting with every thug, totalitarian, and leader of terrorist nations that has time)?


Rudi said...

sniper fire... now THAT'S what happened.

I loved this. Even IF there were the issues that she recalled, did you see her "experience"? She's singing with Cheryl Crow.

I frankly think experience is overrated for foreign policy anyway (more of a personal character issue to me and applying this to global situations), but when your experience is signing and hugging girls, why are you using this as their crutch?

It seems like the longer this back and forth goes on, the Dems are being hurt either way.

Rudi said...

By the way, nice picture on the front of the blog- you look like the young republican that you are.

(that's a compliment even though it didn't sound like one after I typed it).

See you at band practice on Saturday (how many young republicans can say that?).

Jon Vander Plas said...

I love how Obama and Hillary are tearing each other apart. Each claims the other isn't qualified to be commander in chief. McCain now leads both by about 10 points.

I posted this from Youtube on Tuesday, I don't know why it took two days for youtube to post it to my blog. Kind of annoying.