Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama's Speech

A few thoughts on the race speech Obama was forced to give after all the guff he was getting about his black separatist, America-hating, spiritual advisor. Obama belonged to Jeremiah Wright's church, was married by him, Wright baptized his children. Until yesterday's speech, Obama claimed he was unaware of Wright's more controversial sermons (like how our foreign policy is no different than Al-Qaeda's, that the CIA invented AIDS and brought in cocaine to kill off the black population, and that instead of saying "God bless America" we should say "God #$%& America"). Obama denounced these statements (and admitted he was aware of them) but said rejecting Wright would be tantamount to rejecting the African-American community. Huh? He failed to explain why he demanded that Don Imus be fired yet still feels that his family should sit in the pew for Wright's sermons. The views of his pastor would be less disturbing if an analysis of Senate voting records didn't show that Obama is the most liberal senator in Washington (add to that Michelle Obama's statement that she wasn't proud of this country until now). I wonder if Wright's votes would have been any different.

The media and Obama fail to realize that America is beginning to see that hidden behind the smile and great oratorial skill, there is a hard core leftist.

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