Thursday, January 22, 2009

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Sarah and I watched the Ben Stein documentary, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" last night. It was a really interesting look at intelligent design and those promoting it within the world of academia. 

Stein chooses his fight carefully. Instead of taking on evolution directly, he points out that evolution does not explain how life began and argues that the idea of a designer is at least the equal of other theories on how life emerged from non-living things. No one knows how life came from non-life, but the scientific community has decreed that only non-intelligent design theories are worthy of discussion. Stein details the persecution of those in the scientific community that raise these points and argues that intelligent design deserves to be part of the debate.

The most fascinating part of the documentary is when Stein interviews Richard Dawkins, the prominent atheist and author of The God Delusion. According to Dawkins, there is little to no chance of God or a creator, but he believes that a plausible explanation for the beginning of life on earth was a visit from aliens billions of years ago. 


Kyle Hommes said...

Another baffling theory about the beginning of life is by nobel prize winning scientist Francis Crick (discovered the double-helix structure of DNA). He postulated that living gametes travelled to earth via comet from the planet Panspermia. Yes, this from a nobel laureate. Not only does it sound rediculous it also doesn't answer the the question. Saying life came from another planet or from Aliens only explains how life came to earth, not how life came from non-life. The only thing close to an explanation of life from non-life is the big bang theory, which obvious is not very solid because you have scientists coming up with these far fetched alternatives.

Luther Zwingli said...
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Rudi said...

The other question that I always ask (in relation to the "big bang") is "What was banging?"

At a certain point, you logically have to have matter being created- which means that something had to precede matter. We know this "something" as God, but scientists seem to prefer aliens.

Jon Vander Plas said...

Kyle - Stein mentions that little fact about Crick - that is unbelievable.

Take it to the next step - why do they come up with these crazy alien hypotheses? It's because they can't think of anything better (that doesn't include a Creator).

Another problem for the Dworkins crowd - the universe is fine tuned for life. If any of countless variables were just slightly different life could not exist. Some have now postulated that there are a near infinite number of universes, to make our universe more probable. However, there is no evidence of more than one universe (duh).

To Rudi's point, you're exactly right: matter and energy had to come from somewhere. It is amazing to see what lengths people will go to deny a Creator and even more amazing that these people now control what is "science" world wide.

The major problem, is that Intelligent Design is not allowed a seat at the table, even when it is clearly at least as probable as the theories mainstream Darwinists are presenting. I believe it is part of a larger effort by the left to make God a smaller and smaller part of our lives so it can be replaced by our new God - the state.

Meghan said...

Hey Jon.. my friend out here in LA invested in the making of this film. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I still need to check it out myself.