Monday, January 05, 2009

Finish Hamas

Israel continues its military operations into Gaza as western elites wring their hands over the "disproportionate" response. It is amazing to me how people just refuse to take Hamas at their word. They can't be terrorists who will stop at nothing to destroy the nation of Israel and kill all the Israelis, surely they are just upset over variance grievances and can be placated if only Israel were nicer to them.

Take Hussein Massawi, former leader of Hamas, for example: “We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you.” Perhaps we should believe him and his ilk and stop pretending that we can come to some sort of compromise with these monsters. Israel gave them Gaza. Were they happy? Did they build resorts on the ocean? No, they used Gaza to fire rockets at innocent Israelis and continued to send their children into crowded restaurants with bombs strapped to their chests. Hamas uses homes, hospitals and schools to fire these rockets and store ammunition. If Israel bombs these places, Hamas bears all responsibility for civilian deaths.

The only difference between Hamas and al Qaeda is that Hamas was actually elected by the Palestinians (oh, and that they are a pawn of Iran). But they are a minority, says the left, and they are oppressed. Liberals also tend to believe that people are basically good, they only turn to violence in response to injustice. Israel, therefore, is causing the violence and needs to be more accommodating.

Iran, Hamas, and al-Qaeda share a similar goal: worldwide Islamic rule. They aim to destroy the west as we know it and replace our culture with Islamic culture, our law with Sharia law. We must defeat them. There will be peace in the middle east only when Israel has achieved victory over Hamas. The only alternative is a Hamas/Iranian victory over Israel.

I appreciate that Obama is not interfering and is waiting until he is president to comment on the conflict, but I am not confident that he has an appropriate appreciation for the Islamist threat.

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