Monday, May 05, 2008

Liberalism On Display

As Obama's liberal views are made known he slides down in the polls, Todd Feinburg argues in American Thinker. Highlights:
As virtually every intelligent (and honest) pundit noted, along with millions of average Americans, the Wright controversy wasn't about race. It was about patriotism. Any person seeing those clips said to themselves, 'I would never have been part of this man's church. I'd have gotten up and left'... Underpinning the key character question of "why did he stay" is a more ominous problem for Democrats - the question of what liberals believe.
The linkage between the activists and the liberal establishment is more apparent now in the era of and the Daily Kos. These are fringe organizations that ooze radicalism and disdain for America's prowess, and they have moved that radicalism from the closet into the mainstream of Democratic politics today. Candidates must satisfy this liberal underbelly without offending the sensibilities of traditional blue collar democratic voters. Now there's a death defying trick that just may kill the magician.
We can look inside and see the baggage of traditional liberalism that Barack carries. No one else would have invited Reverend Wright on the ride, so why did Barack? No one else would have accepted the career assistance that unrepentant terrorist William Ayers provided, so why did Barack? No one else would have done the shady land deal with Tony Rezko, so why did Barack?

Obama can use his charisma to reassure voters that he's really not as extreme as he's being made out to be ("Just because my voting record is the most liberal of any Senator in Washington doesn't mean I'm extreme..."), however he's also getting hurt by his struggle to connect with rural voters, who Obama proclaims to be bitter clingers to religion, guns, and "antipathy to people who aren't like them." Complaining about the price of Arugula at Whole Foods to Iowa farmers and bowling a 37 probably didn't help.

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