Saturday, May 03, 2008


Obama has now accused McCain and Clinton of pandering to the car-driving public by supporting a cut in the federal gas taxes. Ha! This from the politician who blames oil companies for high gas prices, blames free trade agreements for our economic problems, and supports a church that blames whites for all the problems of black America. Cutting taxes is not pandering, Senator Obama. It's our money, not yours. Promising to tax some people more so you can redistribute their money to others in order to get their votes might fit within the definition, though.

In her response, Senator Clinton did a little pandering of her own: "I want the Congress to stand up and vote. Are they for the oil companies, or are they for you?"

Liberals should stop promoting the fallacy that private companies who provide products we want at prices we're willing to pay are oppressing us. Profits are not evil, they are the portion of your voluntary transaction that pays for the investment someone made to bring you a product you want. Taking away profits reduces investment. If you want less of something, tax it more. Using government to interfere (more than absolutely necessary) in the free market and hampering the oil companies' ability to bring us gasoline doesn't just hurt the oil companies, it hurts the consumer as well (this goes for big business of all kinds). Everyone loses, except for the Democrats who get elected.

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