Tuesday, May 20, 2008

With the First Pick...

David Stern: The Chicago Bulls select Michael Beasley, from Kansas State.

A few minutes later...

Stern: The Chicago Bulls have traded the rights to Michael Beasley to the New Orleans Hornets for Tyson Chandler.

How much do you want to bet?

Actually, I'm guessing Derrick Rose will be coming back home to Chicago. Beasley is a great scorer, but John Paxson probably hopes Rose can do for the Bulls what Chris Paul did for the Hornets. The Bulls could turn into a very entertaining, up-tempo team with Rose leading the break as Luol Deng, Tyrus Thomas, and Larry Hughes fill the lanes and Ben Gordon spots up for three. The Central just got a little more interesting.


Rudi said...

I'd take Rose, though Beasley looks great too. However, in today's NBA, great point guards are impossible to find, whereas 20-10 men are a little more common.

As usual, the Bucks DONT get the #1 pick with the good draft, but when Andrew Bogut is the consensus #1, the Bucks get #1 THAT time...

I sense a conspiracy- David Stern wants the Chicago franchise to thrive. Have you ever seen the Knicks get Patrick Ewing with the folded envelope?

Jon Vander Plas said...

I thought it was supposed to be a frozen envelope.

If the Pistons and Spurs meet in the Finals we will know for sure there is no conspiracy. They would kill (or have killed?) for a Laker/Celtics final. If the Pistons lose, there can be no doubt of the NBA's sinister intentions.

Rudi said...



Two links that prove the NBA's desire to have a winning franchise in New York.

Also... it's pretty funny that Pat O'Brien is covering this event.