Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Real Lesson of Burma

The devastating news from Burma gets worse and worse. The death toll may reach hundreds of thousands due to disease and hunger. Many if not most of the deaths could have been avoided if the communists that run Burma (or Myanmar as the commies call it now) had bothered to warn the people about the tsunami or if they would allow foreign aid in. The government is doing next to nothing about this crisis. They don't care at all for these poor farmers and they hate foreigners even more.

Al Gore blamed the tsunami on man-made global warming on NPR (where else?). Despite the fact that we haven't had any in the last 10 years and the global warming alarmists say not to expect any for the next 10. Actually, this year global temps dropped by about .7 degrees Celsius, which is almost equal to the warming that's occurred since 1880 (.8 degrees). Also, studies do not support this little hurricane theory. Using this disaster to advance the case for massive global warming taxes that will limit our freedom and harm our economy is pretty shady.

If there's a lesson to be learned from this disaster it is the danger communist dictators pose to the world. Spreading freedom around the world is a worthy cause.

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