Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Global Warming Is Over Already?

Global temperatures rose by .8 degrees Celsius between 1880 and 1997. Some people got very upset. Temps held steady for a decade but some people continued to demand restrictions on our freedoms and increased taxation to make this all better. These people became very popular.

Fast forward to today: the latest data from all four major global temperature tracking outlets showed that global temps cooled between .65 and .75 degrees Celsius in the last year. This wipes out all of the warming that has occurred in the last century. This is not a surprise considering all the anecdotal evidence: the first snowfall in recorded history for Baghdad, the coldest winter in 100 years for China, and record levels of Antarctic sea ice. Carbon emissions may have a small effect on climate, but there are clearly larger factors (like solar activity) at play. I wonder if they'll take back Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize. Probably not, as Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat kept theirs.


Rudi said...

But Jon, the climate is changing! Al Gore is always right no matter what- if the temperature goes up, Global Warming, if the temperature goes down, global climate change caused by Mankind.

It's really quite an amazing place that he's put himself- by claiming that humans have a major shaping influence on the planet's climate no matter what the change(the trendy phrase now is "Global climate change, not "Global warming").

It's the perfect political cash cow, because it's an endless process that can lead to a bottomless pit of taxes.

tuscanbullet said...

You guys are spot on. its unbelievable how far-reaching this mass stupidity is. The only people that are less stupid (and I can't believe I'm going to say this) are the people living in the L.A. area. These unfortunate souls are just to naive to realize that their distinct geographical layout and location is the reason they have to re-breath their flatulence and car emissions. NOT man ruining the ozone. This argument, in my opinion, exposes the fatal flaw democratic, big gov, thinking. This problem should be handled LOCALLY! Small government works! Reagan proved it.
This argument is also pissing all of Alaska off. The left now want to put the polar bear on the endangered list. Here’s the problem, There are more polar bear now than there were 30 years ago! These idiots will even tell you that the bears numbers don’t warrant endangered status. However, because they believe the ice is melting due to global warming, we should put them on the list before there numbers get there so they can get a head start on taxing the shit out of us. Saving the bears sounds good, but this would destroy Alaska’s oil and mining industries as well as have serious NATIONAL SECURITY setbacks. How? They want us out of the middle east, but we need to be there to protect our energy interests and supply. They want us to be energy independent (as we all, I’m sure, do), but they wont let us build refineries, nuclear plants, or clean coal plants. They wont let us drill for oil that we have on our soil because environmental wackados wont let us get to it! Lets cripple this country. Lets bring America to its knees! Then the Amero can save us all! YAY!! Sorry dems but I see no other outcome for your thinking.
Even if you believe the democrats when they tell you they wont raise your taxes you’re still going to go broke. Your gas is going to cost way more than it should. Making bread, milk, meat, toothpaste, clothing, Chelsea Clinton’s tampons, and Nancy Pelosi’s precious estrogen pills all cost more. The real sad thing is……McCain ain’t much better.
This shit makes me wanna pull my hair out. So, I’m gonna go buy another gun. Bullets: the only currency that will never be worth zero.