Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spying on Al-Qaida

The House Republicans walked out in protest today because Democrats are refusing to bring up a bill reauthorizing the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act. The current act expires Friday at midnight. The bill allows surveillance on foreign terrorism suspects communicating with other foreigners without a warrant for up to one year. However, these communications often involve US telecom companies through their global networks. The bill also gives telecom companies immunity from lawsuits that may result from their efforts to help track terrorists. This is all terribly controversial for the crowd that runs the Democrat party. It also doesn't hurt that 66 trial lawyers that have represented plaintiffs against these phone companies for turning records over to the Bush Administration have donated at least $1.5 million to 44 current Democrats (and only $4,250 to Republicans). The Senate barely passed this legislation, although 29 Democratic Senators voted against it (Obama and Hillary both opposed it though they did not vote). 24 of these Senators (including Obama and Hillary) took money from the lawyers suing telecoms. Without protection, the telecoms will be hesitant to help track down terrorists.

The Dems are always talking about special interests, only theirs don't count (labor unions, environmental wackos, trial lawyers, the Chinese) because they're not big (evil) business. Maybe if Al-Qaeda was doing steroids they would be interested.

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