Sunday, February 17, 2008


And from the Onion:


Pro-hopes, also supports dreams

Favorite Way To Mollify Supporters:
Nodding solemnly while gripping podium

Political Experience:
(2005–) Junior Senator from Illinois. Working directly under Senior Senator Richard Durbin himself, duties included fact-checking and copyediting the 2006 highway appropriations amendment bill. Member, Illinois State Senate (1997-2004)

Difficulty Catching A Cab:

Personal Best For Getting Digits:
32 seconds

Odds Of Pop-Locking During Inauguration:
1 in 12


Rudi said...

This is the direction that political correctness has led us: Obama is an untouchable candidate. You can't criticize the man or you're a racist.

I see no possible way that this guy is not the next president of the U.S.

By the way... as predicted by me a long time ago, Edwards and Obama are talking about running together. But then again... I had Obama/Edwards beating Romney/Thompson. 2/4 wouldn't be that bad.

Jon Vander Plas said...

I think that the bigger issue is that his likablity overshadows his policies. Obama's plans for America are no different than Hillary's. The difference is that Obama is likable and Hillary is not.

McCain will have to go after his plans for huge increases in spending and taxes as well as his naivete in foreign policy.

Go Hillary!