Monday, February 11, 2008

Talk Radio vs. McCain?

Much has been made of conservative talk radio's dislike of John McCain. Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter (ugh) have all denounced the Republican Party's lurch to the center with the almost official (Huckabee - what are you doing?) nomination of McCain. All these media pundits wonder if McCain placate these people or if talk radio will compel all their "mind numbed robots" to stay home in November.

What the mainstream media fails to understand is that these talk radio shows are so popular because they speak for a huge segment of the population that the media (and some factions of the Republican party) would silence. Rush Limbaugh doesn't tell me what to think; he says what I am thinking. Conservatives are upset about McCain's victory and so are conservative talk show hosts.

Will McCain come begging for conservative support? Not really. Independents love his "maverick" status and support from the likes of Limbaugh hurts him with these fence sitters. There's not much he can say to conservatives to make up for McCain-Kennedy (immigration), McCain-Feingold (campaign finance), McCain-Lieberman (new gas/global warming tax) and everything else, so he probably figures he has to count on the fear of Obama/Shrillary to drive them to the ballot box.

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