Sunday, June 17, 2007

Romney Update

Mitt Romney's smart campaign appears to be paying dividends. He is leading the Republican candidates in New Hampshire and Iowa, which is huge because these states are the first to vote in the primaries. If Romney wins these states, the momentum would give him a big boost and might help him beat Giuliani, McCain, and Thompson in other states. Romney currently trails Giuliani and McCain in the national polls, but I expect McCain to fall by the wayside as he can't seem to raise any money. As I've written earlier, I like Romney for president. He is easily the brightest and most articulate of the candidates. He is conservative on national defense, immigration, abortion, and taxes. He has the intellect and charisma to beat Hillary, does anybody else? Much has been made of how his views have changed on abortion. However, the only question voters should ask when considering the issue is what kind of judge the candidate would put on the Supreme Court. Romney would go for a constructionist judge, which would likely overrule Roe v. Wade. As far as the other candidates, Giuliani and McCain aren't conservatives. Thompson? I'm waiting to see more, but I think people like him mainly because he was on Law & Order, he's not Giuliani/McCain and he's not Mormon. Anybody else have a shot? I don't think so, but let me know if there's someone else I should pay attention to.


Rudi said...

Hey Jon,

Three questions:

He claims to be a Reagan republican... which I love- but so did W, and he spends like a democrat. Is this a legit fiscally conservative republican candidate?

What's his take on abortion?

What's his plan for Iraq, Iran, North Korea?

I'll definitely say that he LOOKS presidential- he could be in movie.

Jon Vander Plas said...

As far as spending, he has promised to run the government more like a business and eliminate as much bureaucracy as possible. He has an amazing track record as a businessman, including pulling the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City out of the red. Again, as with Bush, you never really know. I would also trust Giuliani on this issue, but nobody else.

On abortion, he used to be pro-choice but has since switched to pro-life. His explanation is that he has always been morally opposed to abortion, but a family friend died in a back-alley abortion and that had a big effect on him. While learning about embryonic stem cell research, he was appalled at how abortion had devalued life and had an abortion conversion experience. Some people don't buy it, but who do you trust more to nominate good judges?

National defense, I think he'll be strong and aggressive, over the objections of the play nice Democrats. I don't know that he's said specifically what he'd do.

He's not perfect, but I think he would be a good president, I think he can win, and I'm not seeing anybody better. He's phenomenal in debates - very sharp, funny, and persuasive. He could really restore the image of the GOP. Do you have a favorite at this point?

Rudi said...

I have no favorites, but that's because I never tune in until the tickets are filled...

I also get partially depressed as an Illinois Republican- my vote has yet to "count" for president.

Also, if Obama wins the Democrat ticket- and he should... he'll be our next president:he's the "anti-bush" which, right now, is about the most elecatble thing possible- then IL will be even MORE a democrat state.